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LoST iN ThIs $reWeD UP WorLd :/

    Why are girls so mean.
    This is why don’t want any. If I have kids I’m having boys. Like what did I do to her. Uhmm I thought we were friends. Where’s my just kidding, where’s the funny joke. Girls are just plain back stabbing bitches… Uhg especially when it comes to guys.


    when you think your cramps are finished but then


    When I graduate, I will sneak into all my teachers’ bedrooms and do this:



    more relatable?

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    Paranoid or Jealous

    I just don’t trust her.

    Should I? I mean she thinks i stole her man 

    A broken hearted girl is never good

    Why the fuck is she all of a sudden trying to talk to my best friend….

    Should I tell him that this bothers me?

    Do I have the right to be jealous?

    Should I tell him I don’t like her texting him…..

    I just don’t want to lose my best friend, he’s my brother I always wanted. I love him and I think i’m just being paranoid. 

    I just want to know if I have the right to be suspicious about her? 

    I’m wondering if would he ever betray me like that?……

    Flawed Schools


    One third of our life is spent at school,
    working and sitting in a boring classroom
    hoping to God the future won’t be as cruel
    as wasting your time in this unbreakable tomb
    The government is destroying our children’s creativity
    by forcing academics and killing imagination
    just to…

    Have you ever been in love with the idea of loving the nice guy.


    What if Disney took over Mtv?

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